A new webseries

Ever gotten stuck on the computer watching videos about cute and fluffy animals? Or even TV shows you missed? Well, then here is something that will interest you. A web series is being launched for inbetweens, like us, who, as we know, face everyday problems. It’s called amazing Grace, and that is who I am. I am Grace. So, instead of a grown up talking to us trying to relate to our problems, it’s someone who is going through the similar experiences, as they grow up, talking to you.

In December 2014 my dad passed away of a brain stem bleed, which was very sudden and came out of nowhere. He was there one minute, bike riding, cooking and laughing with me, but then he collapsed and a few days later he was gone. I miss him everyday, but at the same time the world keeps spinning. This web series celebrates my dad and gives me the opportunity to remember him more often. In this web series when I get stuck I think what would dad do? and he appears by my side. He gives me advice on how to deal with friends, family and the world around me, with his warmth and his undeniable sense of humour. But, leaves it up to me to solve the problem.

Here is the pitch video for amazing Grace:

amazing Grace – Pozible pitch from Julie Money on Vimeo.

Watch this space to find out more!


  1. What a handsome boy!

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