Hi, I'm Grace. When I was 10 my Dad died. Now, whenever I get stuck I think of what he would do. It helps.

"It goes without saying that Graceful - the second series of amazing Grace - is full of heart. But more than that this clever web series  exquisitely captures the emotional rollercoaster that is the teenage years. From the agony of group assignments and friendship fall-outs to the crippling bouts of self-doubt, Graceful takes viewers by the hand and ultimately leaves them with a feeling of hope. Where was this series when I was in high school? To be honest, I really could have used it".

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Winnerl London Best Female
Winner London Best Web Series
amazing Grace Web Series
Best International Web Series
Best International Web Series


Production Company: Trumoney Films
Created by Grace Truman & Julie Money

Produced and Directed by Julie Money
Starring: Grace Truman, Ben Wood, Justine Clarke

Facebook: amazingGrace
Instagram: amazinggracewebseries

Contact: Julie Money

Dedicated to Jeff Truman – Grace’s amazing Dad.

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amazing Grace Web Series
amazing Grace is a web series.