The final three episodes of this incredible, award-winning web series dropped last week and this time they're focused on Year 12 final exams … and what happens when the pressure is all too much.

With Grace Series 3

With Grace
amazing Grace Series 3

With Grace is a fictionalised version of 18 year old writer and lead actor Grace's life as she negotiates her last days of High School. This is the third series that has followed Grace since the sudden death of her Dad when she was 10. When she gets stuck she thinks of what he would do and he is there, sharing his true stories. A bittersweet story about growing up, resilience and the importance of keeping stories and memories alive.


Production Company: Trumoney Films
Created by Grace Truman & Julie Money

Produced and Directed by Julie Money
Starring: Grace Truman, Ben Wood, Justine Clarke

Facebook: amazingGrace
Instagram: amazinggracewebseries

Contact: Julie Money

Dedicated to Jeff Truman – Grace’s amazing Dad.