Hi, it’s Julie here, Grace’s Mum — our…

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👩 Hi, it’s Julie here, Grace’s Mum — our final episode of Series 2 is all about Assessment.

I don’t know about you but when there’s an assessment coming up at our house, as a parent, there seem to be a lot of questions to ask – what is it? what do you need? when is it due?

But the bigger questions for us are how do we help, or not help?

When do we step in, or step out? How do we support our kids to manage their expectations of themselves and the pressure of deadlines?

Apparently we learn and grow through how we handle our successes as well as the times when we might fall short of our own or others expectations. This goes for parents and kids alike – and an assessment task in the house is always a big learning curve for everyone!

I’d love to hear how you help your kids deal with assessment stress?

👉 Watch our final episode of Series 2: ASSESSMENT here:


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